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Amaan Khalid (b. 1999) is a British-Pakistani screenwriter, director, and researcher from Manchester, UK. He has recently graduated from the University of Bristol, 2021, where he studied English. He currently works as a researcher and writer for a Bristol based production company, Noiser, who produce podcasts commissioned by Spotify.

He has previously worked in collaboration with young playwrights at the Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester. Now he has written and directed plays in venues across Bristol, including the Tobacco Factory theatre, where he was mentored by professional playwright Mike Akers. This year, he has been able to adapt one of his plays into a competition winning screenplay at Watersprite Film Festival.


His work covers broad political themes of decolonial and critical race theory, identity and cultural fluidity, as well as magical realism explored through Middle Eastern and South Asian history, religion, and mythology.


Through different genres, his work attempts to address South Asian or Muslim misrepresentation in western media; consequently, he aspires to create nuanced and intersectional stories that present the complexity of multicultural life, in ways that break the power imbalance inherent to Eurocentric narratives.

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